the brand


A brand inspired by our land, our nature. A unique picturesque area, a place with ideal soil & microclimate conditions for olive cultivation, in Lakonia, South Peloponnesus, overlooking the Mediterannean sea in Greece.
The Mother Earth
Mother Earth in the history of creation in ancient Greek mythology, is a symbol of fertility, purity & the generous earth.

simple, yet unique

the story


There were all began. My great grandparents Nikolas and Kanella inherited 2.350 olive trees. They raised them just like their children with the same care and affection… Now, 130 years later we preserve these values untreated. We keep on cultivating with love and respect, appreciating the gifts that our Olive trees give us generously.
A bottle with a picture that keeps all the history of our family, our trees alive, trees that are not only memories of the past but also tools of inspiration for the future. This is what made us earn “Mani Gaea”. This is why we invite you to follow the path and taste our fresh olive juice.

the philosophy

We are a team of 3 who share the same drives. Respecting the history of our olives we keep producing on the same way such as our forebears did, we enclose our believes, our passion and creativity in a bottle.

Our desire is to produce & offer to connoisseurs of premium food worldwide an excellent product with identity

Our principle. Simple yet unique. 

the olive oil juice


2350 perennial small olive trees. Two Unique awarded olive oil varieties “Koroneiki” & “Athinolia”, carefully handpicked, at the end of October, not watering artificially in order to keep all the aromatic & quality characteristics in high levels, give this exceptional Organic fresh Olive juice with ultra low acidity (below 0.3), rich in polyphenols, golden green colour, aroma of olive leaves, herbs, and wild grass a balanced fruity flavour and moderately bitter aftertaste.

Limited production enclosed in numbered white glass bottles in order to ensure the quality of product from the sunlight, with a wooden cap, designed for us, from the artist mrs Daphne Alexiadou.

the path of your olive oil

The Journey of Mani Gaea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil begins at the end of October. We still pick our olives by hand just like our grandparents used to do, seeing that neither the fruit nor the tree is damaged.We use only linen sacks and take our fruit to the oil press the same day of its harvest to assure that it keeps all its benefits until further procedure. We exclusively use the cold extraction method (below 26oC) to make sure that the nutritional values as well as the taste and flavour properties of the fruit are transferred into the oil pulp.
We put MANI GAEA olive oil into a stainless steel tank to preserve its top quality. Finally, we are bottling it in numbered bottles, only on demand.

Scan the QR code in the back of your bottle & discover the path of your Mani Gaea olive juice

From our land to your table...

Mani Gaea

Pirgos Dirou, 230 62 Eastern Mani Lakonia, Greece

Tel.: +30 27337 70455

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